Our Environmental Commitment

The journey so far

A Sustainable Future

Sustainability is at the top of our priority list. Aboard Fingal, our environmental commitment is a journey whereby we look to make consistent improvements thereby ensuring that we do our part in protecting the world for future generations. Headed up by Fingal’s Guest Experience and Environmental Manager, Charlie Granleese, Fingal’s Green Team meet regularly to review our progress and make changes both big and small.

For further information, please read our Corporate Social Responsibility Statement.

Charlie with Environmental award for Keep Scotland Beautiful

Keep Scotland Beautiful Award

We were proud to be accredited by ‘Keep Scotland Beautiful’ last year for our environmental efforts with a Gold Level National Award for Environmental Excellence – the business standard that enables organisations to benchmark their environmental achievements and improvements.

Beef cheek main
Beetroot starter

In the Galley

On board, the team of chefs use the best of Scotland's larder to create their award-winning dishes. In an endeavour to have the most fresh and low emission ingredients, the team have started to create a quayside garden which has so far produced rhubarb, lemon verbena and lavender, all of which have been used in creating spectacular cocktails and in the seasonal menus. 

Scallops starter


Opening in Leith in 2019, Fingal's crew have joined the community in supporting local initiatives. Fingal, alongside our sister ship The Royal Yacht Britannia, became the first corporate member of Leith Community Croft. This partnership looks to bring wellbeing benefits to the community of Leith, including the staff of all the partners involved.

Leith Community Croft is a pioneering urban croft on Edinburgh’s Leith Links run by the charity Earth in Common. The croft enables residents of Leith and the surrounding area to grow food collectively, enhancing community cohesion while also providing vital wildlife habitats.

Leith Community Croft
Belu water bottle

Sustainable Initiatives

Our green culture builds on existing sustainable practises such as energy saving and wide-spread recycling. Refillable water bottles for rooms by the Belu filter and refillable toiletries from bulk are recent initiatives that our team have put in place. Small changes that can create a big difference overall without compromising on the five-star level to which we wish to exceed.

Duck House

A Duck House is a structure that provides shelter and protection for ducks. It can be used to protect the ducks from predators, keep the ducks warm in cold weather, protect them from rain and snow, and provide a safe place to lay eggs and nest.

The Duck House shows Fingal’s commitment to improving the biodiversity around the ship and the Water of Leith.


Duck House

The Wildflower Meadow

On the Quayside, we have created a wildflower meadow, visible from the outside starboard decks – the result of a successful collaboration with the Water of Leith Conservation Trust and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. We have exciting plans for using the produce on board!